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Christine Downing | New york Center for Jungian Studies

Christine Downing, Ph.D., will be retiring this August after over 35 years of teaching at Pacifica Graduate Institute, primarily in its Mythological Studies program and lecturing frequently to Jungian groups around the country. Before her “encore career,” she taught at San Diego State University for almost twenty years and, concurrently, at the California School of Professional Psychology. Nevertheless, before retiring, what she most enjoyed doing was leading study tours to such destinations as Greece, Turkey, Sicily and most recently one she called Exploring Freud’s World. Among her many publications are The Goddess; Myths and Mysteries of Same-Sex Love; Women’s Mysteries: Toward a Poetic of Gender; Gods in Our Midst: Mythological Images of the Masculine: A Woman’s View; Psyche’s Sisters: Re-Imagining the Meaning of Sisterhood; Gleanings: Essays 1982-2006; and most recently, Mythopoetic Musings: 2007-2018. 

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