What programs does the New York Center for Jungian Studies offer?

We offer an annual summer seminar series in New York’s Hudson Valley; a Spring program in Ireland each year, and a travel study program abroad each fall. All of our programs are designed to explore the themes and concepts of Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Held in extraordinary settings, combining content and comfort, they feature highly respected and well-known analysts and authors — all experts in Jungian studies. Our programs are a blend of presentations, group discussions, workshops, and (when the program is held overseas) visits historic and scenic sites.

Is each program different?

Yes. Each program is uniquely focused and structured around a specific theme. Over the years, we have explored such topics as dreams, spirituality, meaningful and creative aging, self-development, Jung’s concept of personality type, synchronicity, archetypes, shadow, creativity, mysticism, and more. Additionally, our programs abroad offer a unique combination of presentations, workshops and visiting sites of interest in the places the program is being held.

Who attends these programs?

Designed for the general public as well as mental health professionals, our programs have been attended by individuals from all backgrounds. Past participants have joined us from all parts of the U.S, Canada, and Europe, and from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, and Argentina. Our programs provide an exceptional opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with participants from diverse backgrounds — all united by their interest in Jung and Jungian-related themes.

Are continuing education credits available for mental health professionals?

Yes, for those interested in CE credits, please check the guidelines by clicking the “continuing education credits” link for the program in question.

Who are the faculty?

We take great pride in presenting leading and well-known analysts, authors and experts in Jungian psychology and other related fields. You can check their credentials by reading the bios of each program.

What is included in the cost of each program?

While pricing varies by each program, the cost includes accommodations at first class hotels; full breakfast daily; some dinners and lunches; entrance fees to all museums and sites on the program’s itinerary; ground transportation via deluxe, air-conditioned coach; and, of course, all seminars and workshops that take place during the program.

What additional costs might I incur?

Airfare and travel cost to the site of each program is not included in the cost of any program. Additionally, while each program includes breakfast, and several group lunches and/or dinners, other meals are not included. Check our website (or call our office at 845-256-0191) to inquire what is included in the program of interest to you.

Do programs include some free time?

In addition to scheduled times for presentations, workshops and group meals, our schedules always allow time for participants to explore the unique cities and locations where the program is being held, as well as evenings to sample local cuisine in restaurants of their own choice and ample time for rest and reflection and to enjoy the hotel’s amenities.

How does one register for a program?

Registration forms and directions are available online — OR, feel free to call our office and register by phone using your credit card. A deposit, which varies by program, is required to reserve your place.

Once I have registered, are refunds available if I’m unable to attend?

Yes. Cancellation dates can be found online on the program’s registration information page. All cancellations must be received by the New York Center for Jungian Studies in writing. The deadlines and guidelines vary by program, so please check each specific program for relevant details. Any questions? Call our office at 845-256-0191.

Is it possible to insure my trip?

Yes, and we strongly encourage participants to do so. Participants can purchase travel insurance for losses necessitated by having to cancel participation due to health issues. For your convenience, insurance information will be sent upon registration - or consult your own agent. Please contact our office at 845-256-0191 for more information.

Can I share a room with another participant?

Yes, but participants who prefer to share a room need to make their own arrangements. Program costs are always based on double occupancy. If you wish to share a room, it needs to be with someone with whom you have already made such an arrangement with. Upon registering, let us know the name of that person and have them indicate your name as well when they register. Otherwise, single supplement rate will apply (single supplement available for each program; check our website or call the office for cost — which varies from program to program).

Can I attend a conference but arrange for my own accommodations?

For some programs, it is possible, though we require participants to pay an additional fee for group meals which are an important part of each program. We have found that shared meals provide an opportunity for those attending the programs to get to know one another and interact with participants and presenters in a more informal setting — all of which add to the experience of each program.

If I am considering signing up for a program but need help with the travel arrangements, can you assist me?

Yes. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and assist in making your travel arrangements. Please contact our office at 845-256-0191 for more information. Our staff is thoroughly knowledgeable and equipped, ready to answer questions broad and specific. We can answer specific questions about location logistics, program details, travel details, tips on how to maximize the enjoyment of your trips, and much more.

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