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Seminars and study tours in extraordinary places and online, too.

Join us for one or both programs in our 21st annual seminar series. Rich in history, alive with impeccable natural beauty, and steeped in mythology, Ireland provides a unique setting.

March 20–26, 2023
The Mystery of Hope and Resilience
A Special Program with the Monks of Glenstal Abbey

Once again, we return to County Limerick to the extraordinary Glenstal Abbey, set amidst 500 magnificent acres of farmland, forest, lakes and streams. Join the Abbey’s monks, along with a notable faculty of Jungian analysts and authors, including John Hill, Tom Elsner, Joanne Wieland-Burston, Monika Wikman, and musical performance by Nóírin Ní  Riain. Meet  participants interested in exploring the psychology and ideas of C.G. Jung and enjoy Ireland’s unparalleled hospitality.

March 27–April 3, 2023
Confronting Our Personal and Family Ghosts
Annual Seminar

Our 21st annual Jung in Ireland seminar will meet on the shores of Galway Bay, along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Spend the week with Joe Cambray, Marian Dunlea, Mary Dougherty, Marlene Frantz, Aryeh Maidenbaum, Diana Rubin, David Schoen, and Dennis Patrick Slattery. We will explore our personal story as a journey of self-discovery through a unique combination of presentations and experiential workshops — revealing the hidden archetypes in ourselves that are waiting to be liberated. 

Weeklong: July 16–20, 2023
The Pursuit of Happiness:
Myth or Meaning?

From a Jungian perspective, happiness is a byproduct of being in right relationship to our souls, finding meaning in life. During the course of our week, beginning with a keynote address by James Hollis, and through presentations by Jungian analysts and authors, Ashok Bedi, Safron Rossi, Dennis Patrick Slattery, and Ann Belford Ulanov, we will explore this complex theme together.

Weekend: July 21 & 22, 2023
The New Myth of God:
Jung’s Approach to Spirituality and Religion

A special weekend workshop with Lionel Corbett

When our spirituality cannot be contained within traditional institutions, there is an urgent need for new ways to articulate our experience of the sacred. In this workshop, Lionel Corbett will contrast Jung’s notion of the Self as the God within with traditional theistic approaches to the divine and will describe the range of ways in which the Self may appear within the psyche.

November 8–15, 2023
The Symbolic Life: Language of the Soul

Experience in-depth presentations on the language of the soul with our superb faculty, including Earl Collins, Ann Belford Ulanov, and Monika Wikman. Visit notable sites, among them Avila and Toledo.

Plus an option to extend your visit with a 5-day tour of Cordoba, Granada & Seville, November 15–20

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