Winter 2022

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Plan to join us online for our annual Jung Winter Series


This winter we once again offer both a weeklong seminar and a weekend workshop: live and online. Another opportunity to experience these world-class teachers and analysts from the comfort of your own home. Details coming soon. In the meantime, please join our email list to get timely notification of information updates.

STAY TUNED. Complete program details coming soon.

Seminar Week Overview

Fear, Anger, and Discontent in Challenging Times​

These turbulent times have brought a plethora of challenges to our everyday routines and long-term plans. For many, they have upended relationships, family life, careers, our sense of belonging, and more. From climate change wreaking havoc with drought, fire, flood, catastrophic storms, and unendurable heat to rifts in our democracy, the world-wide pandemic, the rise in subversive ideology, a deluge of misinformation, and civil unrest, many of us find ourselves dealing with familiar emotions that we had thought were behind us.

The uncertainty and heartache bring with it feelings of fear of the unknown, of losing our health or our lives, of letting go of what we know and what we have. A natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion, fear can empower or hinder our individuation process. Anger can be a source of creative energy, serving as a catalyst to help us move forward in life and further our individuation process. It can also impair our judgement and behavior, lead to personal derailment and societal fragmentation, and create a toxic and unrelenting downward spiral. Consequently, many of us are feeling discontent, perhaps thwarted in our ambitions, stuck, even lost. We might be overwhelmed, falling further into despair and loss of self. Or we might be moved or inspired by these extreme circumstances, spurring us on to reimagine our future and reinvent ourselves.

Though these are the things life is made of, there are times when the magnitude or the multitude of challenges produce a tectonic shift. Such is this time of profound transformation for the individual, society, and planet. This is nothing less than an intense rite of passage wherein we are being asked to meet this moment with all that we have learned and all that we are capable of.

Fear, Anger, and Discontent in Challenging Times

January 9-14, 2022
Online seminar week with leading analysts, authors, and thinkers including Richard Tarnas, Margaret Klenck, Cynthia Anne Hale, Joseph Cambray, and Lori Pye. Special keynote speaker: Thomas Moore.

Weekend Workshop with
Michael Meade

January 21-22, 2022

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