Jung on the Hudson Summer 2022 Online Programs Participation Agreement

Registration for one or both of the New York Center for Jungian Studies Summer 2022 online programs is for use by the purchaser only. Registration information should not be forwarded on to third parties; doing so may hinder your own access, as seminar entry is by prior registration only. Similarly, the materials and replay of the Center’s seminars are for use by the purchaser only and should not be forwarded on to third parties. Responsibility for the confidentiality and security of seminar registration information and event materials issued by the Center lies with the registrant. If you believe that a third party has obtained details in an unauthorized manner, please promptly notify the New York Center for Jungian Studies.

Online Platform
Web-event participation may require you to configure your software settings on your web-device upon first use, or require you to download the software for your operating system. Software can be manually downloaded by visiting the Zoom Download Center.

Permission Release
The Center will be using the ZOOM platform for the seminar which includes a feature that allows audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the session to be recorded. By joining a session, you automatically consent to such recordings. If you do not consent to the recording, please contact the New York Center for Jungian Studies to discuss your concerns in good time prior to the web-event date. 

These recordings will not be resold or used for commercial purposes but will be available for program participants to access through Saturday, August 6, 2022.

Cancellations must be received in writing on or before June 17, 2022 for the weeklong seminar and/or the weekend workshop, and will be subject to an administration charge of $50. It is regretted that cancellations made after this time will not be accepted and the registrant will be liable for the full event fee. The New York Center for Jungian Studies is not responsible if the registrant has technical difficulty attending the seminar at its regularly scheduled time. Attendees who are unable to attend the seminar at its regularly scheduled time will be given access to the seminar recording at any time within seven (7) days of the date the seminar was scheduled.

Admittance and Removal
The New York Center for Jungian Studies reserves the right, without refund, to refuse admittance to or expel from the event anyone that it determines has behaved in a manner that could be disruptive to the event or any other attendee. By registering to attend you are agreeing to conduct yourself in a professional and safe manner. Expectations include but are not limited to respect for commonsense rules for virtual behavior, virtual interaction, common courtesy, and respect. Any behavior or act found to be in violation of these guidelines will result in the immediate removal of all parties participating in said behavior or act without refund. Please contact the New York Center for Jungian Studies if you feel you have been subject of such violations or if you see violations occurring.

Liability Waiver & Release
In consideration of your registration and attendance of this event, you waive any and all claims that you or any future agent or heirs has or may have in the future against the New York Center for Jungian Studies, their agents, employees, servants, and officials and release them from all risks, liability and covenant of any kind that you may suffer or sustain, before, during or after the webinar, unless such was caused by the gross negligence of the New York Center for Jungian Studies.

Program Details

July 17–21, 2022
Passion and Complexes:
The Forces that Drive Us

A weeklong seminar with keynote speaker Jean Shinoda Bolen, Ann Belford Ulanov, Jan Bauer, Phil Cousineau, and Tom Singer.

July 22-23, 2022
A Weekend with Donald Kalsched: The Human and Archetypal Child and the Psychotherapy of Early Trauma

Register for both programs and save $50.

All seminar sessions will be recorded. In addition to making each session’s replay video available at the end of each day, all replays will be accessible through Saturday, August 6.

Continuing Education Credits available
CE credits are available for Psychologists, Social Workers, Licensed Psychoanalysts, LCSW, LPCC, LEP, LMFT, and Nurses for both programs. Find details here.

If you have questions feel free to  email us anytime or call the office between the hours of 10am and 4pm Monday through Friday: 845-256-0191.

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