Praise for the Center’s programs

What a pleasure to come together with such a wonderful group of people all learning how to live life to the fullest.
Diana D., Jung on the Hudson 2014


I am so appreciative of the amount of behind the scenes work that must have occurred for all to run so smoothly.
—Caroline C., Jung on the Hudson 2014

Great job! Profound subject matter.
—Diane M., Jung on the Hudson 2014

Very impressed with the high quality of presenters.
—Bob M., Jung on the Hudson 2014

I wish to thank you for all the effort put into making the journey to Ireland so enriching and meaningful for me. It was perhaps the best trip I have ever taken, the most insightful program I have ever attended. The content and presenters were outstanding, the accommodations and meals superb.

I have returned home to Chicago with a greater enthusiasm for pursuing my interest in Jungian Studies and a deeper desire to bring more creative time, sacred space into my personal and professional life. I look forward to attending more of your programs. With gratitude,
—Linda P., Ireland Seminar 2012


The arts and lectures by the presenters were incredible. Aryeh and Ben did a fantastic job in leading this tour – the details were so sell done that we were often not aware of them.
—Cathy L., Cuba 2012

Thank you for creating this event – which for me has become an experience of Pilgrimage. I would love to come every year, will try for every other year.
—Jan L., Ireland Seminar 2012

I really enjoyed myself and have admiration for the organization of the week, the grace of the presenters, the aliveness of the participants. Thanks for your spirit, dedication and professionalism.
—Karla K., Ireland Seminar 1012

The group of people that you gather and the atmosphere of openness and trust allowed people in my workshops to really drop in and get what they deeply needed. I was profoundly moved by the depth of the seekers and the good spirit that was generated at the heart of the community – and that is Aryeh and Diana’s gift they have cultivated clearly over many years. It was a rich life giving experience to be part of the seminar.
—Monika W., Ireland 2011

Fantastic program! I loved the guided imagery, active imagination exercises and variety of great teachers. It is difficult to leave this and I will look for information on future programs. Thank you! —Sherry E., Ireland Seminar 2011

What an amazing journey – full of synchronicities, laughter, tears, dreams and conversation. Thank you!
—Carol C., Ireland Seminar 2011

Best immersion experience ever!
—Pamela M., Ireland Study/Tour 2009

Thanks for a most enthralling experience – the atmosphere compelled me to respond emotionally as well as intellectually.
—Janet B., Ireland Seminar 2009

I have been to three Jung in Ireland conferences and this was the best of them all – such rich alchemy amongst all of the staff and participants. It was a deep dive for sure. Thank you!
—Ireland Seminar 2011

First class program with a high degree of thoughtfulness to our needs, to learn and grow in a well-designed container.
—Jung on the Hudson 2010

I do not experience many workshops any longer that are truly inspirational. This one was.
—John S., Jung on the Hudson 2008

Thank you for a well ordered program. It was clear that your goal was to respond to the needs of the participants. Your effort, time and talent were appreciated.
—Ireland Study/Tour 2008

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