Aryeh Maidenbaum

Aryeh Maidenbaum |

Aryeh Maidenbaum, Ph.D., Jungian analyst, is co-director of the New York Center for Jungian Studies; editor and contributor to the book Jung and the Shadow of Anti-Semitism, and co-editor, with Stephen Martin, of Lingering Shadows: Jungians, Freudians, and Anti-Semitism. Among his other publications are “The Search for Spirit in Jungian Psychology,” “Sounds of Silence,” and “Psychological Type, Job Change and Personal Growth.” Dr. Maidenbaum was formerly on the faculty of NYU, where he taught courses on Jungian psychology. He lectures and leads workshops internationally and organizes and leads educational Jewish heritage travel programs throughout the world. He is currently writing a book on aspects of Judaism through a Jungian lens.

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