Cynthia Anne Hale

Cynthia Ann Hale |

Cynthia Anne Hale, Ph.D., LCSW, has explored the connections between inner and outer experiences as an educator, author, and a psychotherapist for over thirty years, emphasizing a relational and sociopolitical context. Her book, The Red Place: Transforming Past Traumas through Relationships, is about the healing potential of empathic connection. Dr. Hale has worked in higher education to facilitate strategic change, most recently at Reiss-Davis Graduate School. As a professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute, she led studies of the school’s multi-faceted perceptions and needs, including an institute-wide dream study. She has taught courses in archetypal and depth psychologies, clinical practice, and qualitative research methods, and has given talks in the U.S. and England. 

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