Spirit in Jung

Carl Jung is the foremost interpreter of the many interactions of religion, the world of the spiritual and psychological insight into human behaviors. In this book, one of the outstanding Jungian scholars of our time surveys Jung’s contributions to a whole series of issues, ranging from the political to the pedagogical to the inner life […]

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Spiritual Aspects of Clinical Work

How does the spirit come into clinical work? Through the analyst? In the analysand’s work in the analysis? What happens to human destructiveness if we embrace a vision of non-violence? Do dreams open us to spiritual life? What is the difference between repetition compulsion and ritual? How does religion feed terrorism? What happens if analysts

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The Living God and the Living Psyche: What Christians Can Learn from Carl Jung

Why should Christians bother to read Carl Jung? He may be one of the most famous psychologists of the twentieth century, but are his views and ideas really compatible with Christian faith? While acknowledging some Christian suspicion of Jung, Ann Belford Ulanov and Alvin Dueck maintain that Jung’s psychology can indeed enhance the life of

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The Female Ancestors of Christ

The spiritual power of the Feminine shines forth in this psychological study of four Old Testament heroines from Jesus’ family tree. Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba are the only women mentioned by name in the Gospels’ genealogies and, for Ann Belford Ulanov, this indicates that they impart something essential to the lineage of Christ. By

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The Functioning Transcendent: A Study in Analytical Psychology

The Transcendent is a reality that functions in all our lives all the time —call it God, the unknown, or the holy. It is not some obscure out-of-reach Other available only to those with specialized knowledge or a phenomenon spoken about only in a church, temple or mosque. The Transcendent is both beyond us, yet

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Androgyny: The Opposites Within

Full of psychological and spiritual insights that speak to today’s sexual confusion, Singer shows how a person can at once embrace complementary and contradictory attitudes toward sex and gender. Finally, she proposes a range of choices by which people can identify themselves, secure that the masculine/feminine interaction within each individual is not only normal, but

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Jung and the Alchemical Imagination

Jung and the Alchemical Imagination illustrates the spiritual nature of Jungian psychology and the debt it owes to the tradition of esoteric religion. Unlike other books on Jung and alchemy which contain a psychological interpretation of alchemical material, this work uses alchemy to understand the three cornerstones of Jungian spirituality–the self, the transcendent function, and

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The Divine WABA (Within, Among, Between and Around): A Jungian Exploration of Spiritual Paths

WABA is J. Marvin Spiegelman’s mnemonic for the various manifestations of the experience of the divine: Within, Among, Between, and Around. He details how Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Kabbalah exemplify the divine within/ the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca clearly illustrates the divine among/ the Alchemical model exemplifies the divine between/ and the numinous experiences

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The Practice of Ally Work: Meeting and Partnering with Your Spirit Guide in the Imaginal World

Jeff Raff has written about the ally (which has been called many different names in different traditions) in his books Jung and the Alchemical Imagination, Healing the Wounded God, and The Wedding of Sophia. Here, he shares with readers the techniques he has developed and taught in his workshops and lectures for achieving intimate contact with the divine.

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The Wedding of Sophia: The Divine Feminine in Psychoidal Alchemy

Author of the acclaimed Jung and the Alchemical Imagination, Jeffrey Raff continues his teachings in psychoidal alchemy with an in-depth look at the feminine aspect of the divine. Sophia is, in the esoteric teachings, the embodiment of Wisdom, the matrix from which God arose, and God’s heavenly consort and mirror. But, as Raff explains, she suffered

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