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Jung-on-the-Hudson-Annual Seminar

July 14-18, 2024
Weeklong Seminar:
Who Are We to Each Other?

Join keynote speaker James Hollis and faculty Chris Downing, Erik Goodwyn, Ann Belford Ulanov, and Tom Singer for an inquiry into the transformative realm of relationships, asking Who are we to each other? What is the nature of our encounters and bonds — some lifelong, others fleeting, some filled with love and trust, others fraught with pain? How and why do we connect?

July 19-20, 2024
Weekend Workshop:
Profiles of the Self in Relationship and Over a Lifespan

Dive into an examination of relationships across the lifetime journey from birth to death through the lenses of Eastern spirituality, analytical psychology, and neuroscience with Ashok Bedi.

October 25-November 1, 2024
Forgiveness, Acceptance & Reconciliation

This tour provides participants with the unique opportunity to travel in Croatia (Split, Dalmatian Coast and Dubrovnik) while interacting with an outstanding Jungian faculty who will share thoughtful and dynamic presentations along the way. (Limited to 40 participants)

October 20-25, 2024
Special Pre-tour
Zagreb & Plitvice Lakes National Park

Open to study tour participants only. (Limited to 26 participants)

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