Groups & Study Sessions

Groups & Study Sessions

The New York Center for Jungian Studies is developing a new series of group meetings and study sessions to be offered in New York City for anyone interested in Jungian psychology.

These programs will be small, allowing much interaction between the group leader and participants. They will be designed for anyone interested in Jungian psychology, as well as mental health professionals who want to incorporate Jungian psychology into their practices. Some groups will be one-day workshops, others will be limited groups meeting once a week for four weeks to six weeks.

Jungian psychology offers a vast treasure trove of ideas related to personal growth and spiritual development as it relates to each of us and to the world we all share. The areas of human consciousness that C.G. Jung explored are varied and deep; each of us could spend our lives studying Jungian psychology and never run out of material.

Some of the group meetings and study sessions will include such themes as dreams, creativity, Jungs concept of the shadow in ourselves and others, psychological types, and Judaism from a Jungian perspective.

In our group meetings and study sessions, we will be exploring these subjects and many more. We are currently putting together a list of topics and dates and will announce them here on this website, in our monthly enewsletter, and on our Facebook page.

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